Birchwood Fine Art Gallery specializes in Original Art, Giclee + Fine Art Prints, and Sculptures. They are featuring a large selection of Canadian Artists. Birchwood Art Gallery held an Autumn Art Show celebrating its curated artist with art talks, live in-process creations, new work releases, and live music. Select Encaustic and Resin of Robin’s works represented for this special event.



Frame Arts Warehouse a safe emerging artist destination. It was nestled within a historical heritage building, equipped with large artist studios, gallery spaces, process studios that simultaneously represent aspiring, emerging and established artists. Frame Arts curated and represented my Premier Contemporary Art show led by accomplished Canadian Artist Allison Tataryn.



Grolle Fine Art specializes in 20th Century and 21st Century expressionism, whether abstract or otherwise. He is representing artist from all over the world. The gallery vision is to develop a synergy between genres, cultures and to inspire a fusion of styles for new masterpieces. Grolle Fine Art curated Robin’s Resin, and Encaustic works during the galleries Spring Art Show. As a birthday gift, her work was hung in the coveted glass case, featuring Grolle Fine Art, in the historic halls of the Fort Garry Hotel.



Gurevich Fine Art offers a wide range of the most exquisite contemporary art from both national and international artist. Their work is in the permanent collections of numerous museums, governments, corporations, and private collections around the world. Howard Gurevich, the gallery owner, curated Robin’s Serenity Collection and all works affiliated with Arts Fest + Culture Days for the University of Winnipeg, The Foundation Private Solo show, and Nuit Blanche.



The Handcrafters & Artisans Alliance is a voluntary, nonprofit incorporated trade association whose purpose is to promote and foster the spirit of fellowship and community among the producers of handcraft and Fine Art made within the State of Hawaii. HAA represents a broad range of artisans who produce many forms of art. These include jewelry, textiles, glass, pottery, photography, decoupage, leather work, collage, fine art painting, watercolor, wood carving, silk screening, soap and lotions, clay, and edible products, among others. Robin has been a member since 2016.




Linus Galleries is a Southern California based gallery that embraces contemporary artwork of all styles and mediums. They strive to showcase raw artistic talent. Linus gallery represents artist globally on a mission to bring them together and represent them to a broader audience. During the Calm Exhibit, Robin’s Kahala Winter Solstice Collection was curated and globally featured by Linus Galleries.



Nuit Blanche is a globally celebrating evening of local artistic talents from an acclaimed and emerging artist. It is the biggest celebration of Contemporary Art every year. The theme for this event was "Light Up The Night." As a featured artist, Robin embodied this theme and chose to create Encaustic work live with a torch in hand fusing layers of wax to gallery canvas. She also installed a 30-foot full Encaustic Triptych suspended from the ceiling of Canada’s Majestic Whiteshell region. She also launched her Encaustic Serenity Collection during this event.




Magnolia Boutique has been curating local Hawaiian artist in Kahala, Oahu for many years. Art Collectors have sought out this uniquely curated space for years. Commemorating our representation relationship, gallery Owner, attorney and, Curator Maggie Parks chose Hawaiian Seashore Encaustic Collection, Birds Eye Aerial View, Pele along with Robin’s stationary line.




STN based in Wahiawa, Hawaii, living by the motto of “Surfers Giving Back.” They desire to see lives changed inside and outside of our organization, locally and internationally. They are a community made up of people who believe in using their talents and passions – from surfing and beyond – to give back and bring the message of love and hope. Through various endeavors, Robin supports this local organization. Annual art shows, print work for their Vintage shop and volunteer art classes. 50% of all sales go directly to the organization supporting true sustainability in the Waihiwa Community.





WAG Studio is one of Canada's oldest gallery-run-art making programs. Their philosophy is that art education is a vital component in the personal development of individuals at any age. The philosophy of Robin’s parents as well, as they had enrolled her in Saturday morning classes as soon as they could. Learning various techniques and media, from still life oils paintings, abstract acrylics, to working with plaster and charcoal. These groundwork classes laid the foundation for her art discipline today. 



Exploring mediums, working with different material and creating sculptural pieces in this class, is ignited Robin to explore and discover the personally crafted Encaustic medium she uses today.  Mr. Burdeny saw untapped potential in his student and encouraged her to embrace artistic destiny. With free rein to explore and express herself under his tutelage, with the task to create art.  This free creative experience solidified belief in her artistic abilities. Mr. Burdeny was the guest of honor at Robin’s Premier Contemporary Art Show. He surprisingly shared with guests, "I have never seen Encaustic works done with such professionalism. The student has surpassed the teacher."  These words coming from an Art Professor teaching Encaustic Art at the University of Manitoba was astounding. Thank you Mr. Burdeny for believing in me, I wouldn’t be where I am today without your free-spirited encouragement!



One of the most creative, edgy, artistically expressive artists Robin’s worked with to date. It's no wonder Zack has elevated his artistic career to the Associate Patina Artist, for the world-renowned artist, Tom Sachs. As a patina artist, Zack also works with Epoxy Resin. Meeting Phoenix, AZ for a one on one Resin Manipulation and Technique training with Mr. Baltzly. To commemorate their training together, Zack and Robin created Resin works on smooth and distressed wood panels, experimenting with adding various pigments to the media. Incorporating Resin as a medium to my career has evolved my clientele and my craft. Thank you for sharing your fundamental knowledge.



Ludolf Grolle is the Principal artist at Grolle Fine Art. One of the main advantages, of representation with Grolle Fine Art, is the Art Discipline classes with Grolle. I am so thankful for this time as he taught me to revisit my under-painting skills, scrape and reveal techniques, how to curate a show and organize artwork. He also taught me the importance of the legal side of working with galleries and protecting myself as an artist. Thank you Mr. Grolle!



This gallery owner and curator taught Robin several things about being an artist. The most providence lesson was to harness my Encaustic discipline, as the potential was limitless. Howard also showed her how to edit work, how to execute a professional installation, label artwork for exhibitions, design handbills, and shoot for the stars! Howard also taught Robin never to take no for an answer, as Howard refused representation when he first examined her work. Lighting a fire on the inside that pushed her to create work that would be pleasing for his established, curator appetite. Within six months, Howard Gurevich curated an entire collection and represented my work publicly. Howard, you are an exceptional man with exceptional taste. I wish nothing but the best in this life and the next for you! Thank you!



Ali Tataryn is one of those people; everyone wished they had in their lives. She is a Creative Genius, Successful Canadian actress, Fashion Muse, Art Curator, Entrepreneur Coach, among many other things.  Ali curated Robin’s Premium Art Show at Frame Arts Warehouse. A heritage building she turned into gallery spaces, art studios, organized and promoted every genre of contemporary art focusing on establishing emerging artists.  What Robin learned from this woman are lessons that are hard to pen. She saw an emerging artist with so much talent swinging at fences, and without hesitation, she dropped everything and put resources in Robin’s hands, connected her with the right supportive people, initiated her business model and website, as well as organized a team to execute her first show. Words can not describe the leadership and genuine care she exudes. Thank you, Ali! Your simply the best!!!





Elijiah Appasamy 

Thank you Elijiah for always being there with your keen design eye, wise business advice, support, and loving encouragement. Having you stand by my side every step of the way has been beyond meaningful. Your belief and pride in my work mean the world to me. Your dedication Elijiah in executing a successful product and business model has always been so beyond your years…you are exceptional, and I am honored to be your mom! I love you and Pray Luke 6:38 for you babe!


Special thanks to my devoted husband who knows very little about fine art, other than he loves my work of course. Nonetheless, has emotionally, physically and financially supported my every endeavor. Your business skills, entrepreneurship, and belief in my dreams have catapulted me to where I am today. Kevin, you are my knight in shiny armor, my sweetheart, my love. I adore you and am so proud to call you my husband. The best is yet to come! I love you!


A guy with few words, a big heart and beautiful smile. You have always been the hug I needed at the end of each long day, the kind soul that embraced me and gave me the strength to go on. You are my blessing. Isaiah, you are the reason I do what I do. All the years of setting up shows, late nights preparing and building this company…it was your patience and strength that carried me through. I hope to make you as proud of me as I am of you! I love you!

MY many FRIENDS AND beautiful FAMILY

Thank you all for your help with supporting my dreams, encouraging me to press on and embrace my creativity. Thank you for purchasing my work, helping me set up art shows, paint warehouses, deliver or make food, install artwork, edit websites or invites and simply just being know who you are! 

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