The University of Winnipeg Foundation focus is to build legacies for The University of Winnipeg, enabling the University to better meet the needs and inspire the dreams of students, creating limitless possibilities for the future. The organization focuses heavily on providing financial assistance to the lower income communities who would otherwise have no chance at post-secondary education. In honor of this legendary group of donors, the University held an Inaugural Reception designed to pay tribute, give thanks and show honor where honor is due. I was invited as the featured artist to create a body of work that would show appreciation to this elite group. 

The body of work you see is my Serenity Collection in its entirety. Serenity Collection is Encaustic + Mixed Media consisting of Wax, Bee Maid Honey, Manitoba excavated granular sand on Russian Birch Panel. All works were also curated by Howard Gurevich, from Gurevich Fine Art. 


canadian government archives

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making history

My Red River Encaustic piece, from the Thermea Collection, proudly welcomes and ushers you to the Presidential offices of the Manitoba Metis Federation Government. This piece is a permanent installation that can be appreciated for generations to come. In this regal, delegated space you will find Metis Heritage artifacts that proudly represent the accomplishments of the Metis ancestors, government officials and significant Metis people. As a Metis decendant, it is with great pride that my work has been selected for this honorable position.

Work featured above is Encaustic + Mixed Media consisting of Wax, Bee Maid Honey, Manitoba excavated granular sand, Acrylic Pigments on Gallery Canvas. 





An entirely new boutique hotel experience, Mere Hotel is the stylish, sophisticated and contemporary destination in Winnipeg, Canada. The hotel is located on the coveted Waterfront drive boasting the cities best hotel views. The hotel also has a secret weapon on its property, Cibo Eatery which serves the BEST breakfast the city has to offer! Installation opportunity was given to me as a launching contemporary artist. The hotel also promoted my Contemporary Art show and invited all hotel guests to attend the cocktail reception during their stay. 

Artwork featured in the boardroom is my Carrara Collection, Encaustic + Mixed Media consisting of Wax, Acrylic Pigments, Caribbean Sand on Gallery Canvas. 




Nuit Blanche is an annual all night art festival that is celebrated world wide from Paris, New York, to Milan, Melbourne and in every major city across Canada. The globally celebrated event includes local museums, Private and public art galleries, and a variety of featured artists work open to the public. Nuit Blanche concept came from Jean Blaise of Nantes, France. His vision was that the festival would transform the whole city into one giant performance. As a participant, I launched a new collection for viewers, as well as a 30ft installation suspended from the ceiling.  A tribute to the festivals theme, Light Up The Night, I was set up live, torch in hand fusing layer upon layer of wax to gallery canvas. 

During this event, all work was created in collaboration with BeeProject. Beeproject Apiaries is an organization that is dedicated to spreading the word about the importance of bees in our communities. All work created for this special event radiated the sweet intoxicating smell of honey! Without the labor of love the bee gives us I could not create encaustic works of art. 




Ronald McDonald house of Oahu is home away from home for families of ill children. There is evidence that engagement with artistic activities, either as an observer of the creative efforts of others or as an initiator of one's own creative efforts, can enhance moods, emotions and physiological states. This evidence is the very foundation of the #2016RMHCARTDRIVE call to all caring artist. The call was to create therapeutic works for your local RMHC and deliver the work as a holiday surprise for its patients and their families. 

Work above is titled Ocean Grid,  this 9 piece grid body of work is Encaustic + Mixed Media, consisting of Salt Water diluted Acrylic pigments, Wax, Hawaiian Black and Gold sand on Gallery canvas. The work was created to soothe the RHMC children's play room and whisk the kids off to Sandy's beach on Oahu to enjoy the waves when their health keeps them home recovering.




Countless individuals walk through the bright Atrium of Riddell Hall on the path to fulfilling their dreams. The first time I walked through this hall I was registering for the Bachelor of Education. Just as many first-year students discover, I quickly realized life had other plans for me and I pursued a different future coloring the world! As an artist is was a true honor when the University Of Winnipeg contacted me and asked if I would represent the Aboriginal Community + The University of Winnipeg during the campuses Art Fest and Culture Days. 

The image above features Lake of the Woods, 30 ft wide Encaustic + Mixed Media consisting of Wax, Acrylic pigments, Manitoba BeeMaid Honey, Manitoba excavated granular sand on Gallery canvas. The installation was suspended from the ceiling beams, hovering over the Atrium windows saturating its natural light. This soothing installation radiated and filled the hall with the intoxicating sweet smell of honey.