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I am so excited to announce that Robin Appasamy’s Artwork will be hosting exclusive pop up shop events at Nordstrom Ala Moana. The premier event is in celebration of the Ala Moana Shopping Center’s 60th Anniversary! Artwork will be located inside Nordstrom on their 3rd Floor on Saturday, August 10th from 10am-5pm and on Sunday, August 11th from 12-5pm. Please join us for a luxuriously curated shopping experience!




Ala Moana in Hawaiian means path to the sea. Ala Moana is a luxury commercial, retail, and residential district of Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. It is nestled between Waikīkī to the east and Kakaʻako and Honolulu Harbor to the west. The Ala Moana Pacfiic Center, is a state of the art building overlooking Ala Moana Harbor and Beach Park. Specializing in ushering viewers to the Sea through her vivid Ocean works, Robin was asked to create artwork that filled this commercial space with scenic ocean views.


Lei Palm ala moana + t galleria


Lei Palm is a tropically inspired collection of Swim wear, Resort Clothing, Accessories, gifts and stationary curated in Hawaii using exclusive prints from local artist. Robin joined the Artist Collective bringing a fresh, contemporary floral design for Spring and Summer 2019. Her work will be featured as the Summer print launching May 1, 2019 and sold at the Ala Moana Collection as well as at the T Galleria Duty Free in Waikiki.




Hawaii’s Modern Furniture and Design Co., Valyōu Furniture, offers affordable luxury furnishings and Art Print Collections by Robin Appasamy. Collections created for Valyōu Furniture are exclusive to the brand and cannot be found anywhere else on the islands. Robin’s professional art career launched through her Contemporary Abstract expressions. The initial Collections includes some of her archived works, along with exclusive designs created for this project.




extraordinary experiences

The Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko'olina strives to offer their guest, extraordinary experiences. Only at Four Seasons can you explore a collection of encounters with exclusive access to the world's most captivating people and places. Four Seasons on Oahu is bringing its guests a collection of curated artisans through meet the artist cocktail receptions, and interactive Marketplace. During these curated events you can find Robin's Luxurious Encaustic line of work. Work can be carefully packed to take home with you or shipped to your door awaiting your arrival from the island. This dynamic duo services their clientele through luxurious products, exceptional customer service, and experiential mediums found in no other place on the planet!




Cafe Asia’s owners are specialists in setting the mood and entertaining locals and tourists on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu and incorporating Chinese culture and a love for the Open Sea, offset within a chic and modern space of metallic leathers, rich woods, and sculptural lighting. Robin’s work unequivocally paired the contemporary design.

Her Koi Collection invites friends and family to gather, celebrate and nourish themselves. Koi Collection is Encaustic, Acrylic Pigments, Copper, Black Sand fused onto Birch Panel. In the main dining space, the owners requested work from her Aerial View Collection. The Hawaiian Aerial View Collection spans 16 ft long and 4 ft wide. With Cafe Asia situated only minutes from Koko Head Ridge that overlooks the open sea as it comes in crashing against the lava cliffs. It was fitting we brought the dramatic ocean view within the design space. This element was the WOW factor.




The Kit and Ace Summer Collection inspiration came from a trip to the Caribbean. Subject matter for the work was the intriguing aerial view when arriving in coastal shores. Enjoying the bird's eye view of the ocean, filled with anticipation of the arrival to the tropical destinations, capturing the variations of colors in the deep ocean waters and highlighting those golden sandy beaches that will soon envelop your every toe. When creating custom pieces, Robin likes to anchor the artwork to designed spaces. This collection incorporates a copper metallic emulsion. Kit and Ace adopted the gorgeous Copper metal for their signature metal in their boutiques. 

Caribbean Aerial View is Encaustic + Mixed Media consisting of Wax, Acrylic Pigments, Copper Metallic emulsion, Caribbean sand extracted from Cancun Mexico, on Gallery Canvas.




Luxewalls Australia is passionate about transforming your rooms into glamorous interiors through the innovation of bespoke wallpaper. The genius collaboration between Artist Robin Appasamy and Luxewalls elevates the wallpaper game. Floor to ceiling imagery is quintessential in today's design selections. Offering handpainted, curated designs is luxury in interior design. 

I have entrusted Luxewalls with select images from previous Collections. Wallpaper textures available in Luxewalls Stone, Canvas or Linen Wallpapers. The two creative forces will also be releasing exclusive collections seasonally throughout the years.


coco’s trading post


Coco’s Trading Post is a modern lifestyle shop in the town of Kailua on Oahu. You’ll feel the aloha as soon as you enter this texture haven shop. Through their clientele service, unique sustainable goods and love for all things coconut, Coco’s Trading Post is truly a curated shopping experience.

Robin’s limited edition artworks can be found in the shop on any given day, along with her Vintage Hawaiian Inspired print work on various textiles. The creative collaboration between boutique owner Nicci Mowat and Robin Appasamy delivers eye catching designs found exclusively only at Coco’s Trading Post.





The hottest shop in the heart of Waikiki! Good Feelings made in Hawaii shop features the islands most coveted artisan products, some found only in this shop! Located in the heart of Waikiki on the second floor of the Waikiki Shopping Plaza. Robin's Aerial, Copper Infused, and Fine Art Print collection are available for purchase. What makes this shop so unique, is the live atelier for viewers to catch their favorite artist live in the creation process




Nestled in "Little Italy" in Winnipeg, Canada you will find the most luxurious day spa fashioned with floor to ceiling white sheers, high polished artisan glass fixtures, mirrored accent furniture, and supple white leather seating areas. Chilean salon owner offers authentic European design as well as luxurious services to her A-List clientele. Salon owner attended my Contemporary Art show and purchased the Centerpiece from our live auction. Furthermore is now the owner of several coveted pieces from various archived collections. 

Works seen above in Bright yellow, Sand Collection with Metallic emulsion, Deep blue is Arctic Swell in Resin on Panel, Soft muted grey pieces also Resin Arctic Collection, as well as Encaustic works from Cararra Series. The teal colored pieces are both from the Sand Collection.




Built on Sensory stimulation, the Thermea experience takes you to a place of restoration and relaxation. The Nordik Oasis Spa is the largest spa in Canada. 

The Thermea Encaustic Series was created from more of a memory than a representation. I was greatly honored when asked to create work that represented the nature of my native Province. It was such a beautiful process watching the banks of the Iconic Red River flow from within me. Water creates an undeniable feeling of nostalgia, which was so fitting for this spa.

This body of work can be seen at Thermea from January 2015 to January 2016 and then will be moved into private art collection. One section of this body of work will be moved to the Government Building of the Manitoba Metis Federation, for His Honourable David Chartrand, President of the Manitoba Metis Federation. 





Once the sun goes down, the Cancun nightlife is pumping, exciting and exotic.

This collection was designed to mimic this transformation. Using Cancun's white dazzling sand, a metallic emulsion, and precise hand placement, you have the Metamorphose Resort Collection. Capturing and reflecting light, the texture and depth achieved with each piece are striking. Robin's uniquely crafted medium can create the most coveted art collection for any private or commercial space.